Voice Pitch Analyzer 🎉

An awesome iOS app that provides insights into a voice's pitch range and shows analytics based on the (traditional) male, female or androgynous pitch ranges

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Current Roadmap

  • Premium Model. We're going to add an affordable premium model. We understand, that not everyone will be happy with this. But this will help us fund further improvements and features. The core of the application will remain free forever. Only new features to enhance the application will fall behind the paywall. Currently, the model will be either a $0.99 per months subscription with a $4.99 lifetime option. That means, if you pay for the lifetime subscription or tipped $4.99, you'll receive all premium features as long as the app exists. ✅
  • Bring Your Own Text. The ability to add your own text instead of the Dorian Gray book ✅
  • Live Metrics. We're going to show you the vocal analytics while you read the text
  • Voice Replay. We're going to store the recording (on your phone!), and give you the ability to replay a recording. Again: The recording will never leave your phone.
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